For both interior and exterior stone and concrete. Works on: Granite, marble, concrete, ceramic tile, limestone, grout, slate, terrazzo and travertine.

Coverage rate: 10 – 15m² / 1000 ml


It is a subsurface treatment formulated to penetrate into stones which enhances
resistance to stains. At the same time, it does allow the stones to breathe. This does
not refer to the stone breathing is like what we do. Stone is made up of a variety of
crystals. Each crystal is made up of different minerals. The minerals that make up the
crystallized structure of the stone determine whether it is marble, or limestone or
granite. To maintain the integrity of these crystals, they must interact with the air and
hence they must be allowed to breathe. It is also essential that water that gets into the
stone is able to evaporate by moving through these micro spaces.


How to apply

Provides maximum protection from water penetration and oil stains.

  • The surface to be treated should be perfectly clean and absolutely dry.
  • Apply impregnation with a paint roller, spray or non-fluff cloth.
  • Allow to penetrate for a max. of 5 minutes, then remove any surplus with a dry cloth.
  • Check carefully to ensure no areas havebeen missed.
  • After several minutes check for and remove any surplus product with a dry cloth.
  • However a complete curing requires usually 12 to 24 hours depending on the characteristics of the stone.


Ingredients: Hydrosol-Acrylate, paraffins, waxes, zirconium salts and excipients.
Store in a dry, cool, frost-free place.